Mexican attorney to market ‘Trump’ toilet paper

Portion of sales to be donated to groups that help Mexican immigrants, deportees

A Mexican lawyer said Thursday that insults against his country by U.S. President Donald Trump inspired him to find a creative response.

Antonio Battaglia was moved to create a brand of toilet paper called “Trump” in 2015 when the billionaire business developer launched his presidential campaign and offended Mexicans with remarks such as: “When Mexico sends its people, they are not sending their best. They are not sending you. They are sending people that have lots of problems, and they are bringing those problems to us. They are bringing drugs and they are bringing crime, and they’re rapists”.

The toilet paper should be on sale in Mexico by the end of the year with the slogan “Softness without borders” and a caricature of the U.S. president on the product.

“I decided to produce a toilet paper, because it’s funny, but it could have been any product,” Battaglia told Anadolu Agency during a telephone interview. “The idea was to start from the insults of Trump to do something.”

But the Trump toilet paper is much more than a joke. It has a strong social component, according to Battaglia, who has invested about 400,000 pesos ($21,500) in the project.

“The product will help those who have been insulted by Trump, especially the immigrants, the very people who helped build the United States,” he said. “I will allocate at least 30 percent of the profits, maybe more, to organizations that aid migrants and deportees.”

Battaglia registered the Trump toilet paper brand in 2015 and will be able to commercialize it until 2025 under the 10-year registration

The lawyer said he is now looking for partners willing to donate part to Mexican migrants living abroad.