Turkey develops bio-sensor to monitor anti-cancer drugs

Turkish engineers have developed a unique bio-sensor that can monitor effects of anti-cancer drugs on patients.

The “automatic electro-chemical” bio sensor was developed with the help of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), its Informatics and Information Security Research Center (BILGEM) and the Gebze Technical University.

Addressing a handover ceremony, Gebze Technical University Rector Prof. Haluk Gorgun said the device is a big success story for Turkey.

“The bio-sensor device can monitor the anti-cancer drug’s effects on a human body and any damage done to [a patient’s] DNA,” Gorgun said.

The head official of BILGEM, Prof. Haci Ali Mantar, told Anadolu Agency that the device can carry out real-time electro-chemical measurements, adding “there is no reason why Turkish engineers would not develop more such devices.”

The leader of the project, Dr. Yildiz Uludag, told Anadolu Agency that the device was made by a team of electrical, mechanical, chemical and software engineers.

“The device can be used in many ways, such as research and development activities and diagnosing possible diseases,” Uludag added.