Turkey: Over 1,000 Daesh suspects held over 12 months

Over 1,000 foreign Daesh suspects have been apprehended in Turkey over the last year, Turkey’s military said on Saturday.

According to the Turkish General Staff, 643 Daesh suspects were detained as they attempted to cross into Turkey, while 496 were held while trying to enter Syria from Turkey from Jan. 1, 2015 until now.

These numbers translate into a 90 percent increase in the amount of Daesh suspects held over the last five months of 2015, compared to earlier that year, the military said.

The army said illegal border crossings mainly took place in southeastern Kilis province, near the border with Syria.

Turkey has suffered several deadly attacks over the last year. Perpetrators range from ultra-left groups to Daesh, amid a renewed terror campaign in the country’s southeast by the PKK terror organization.v