Turkish doctors volunteer in Uganda

Turkish doctors will train doctors, nurses and academics on orthopaedics in Uganda, a medical association said Tuesday.

Doctors Worldwide said in a statement, the training will teach how to treat congenital hip dislocation and crooked foot disorders.

The group has conducted similar training in more than 50 countries, it added.

Ahmet Salduz, board member of Doctors Worldwide, said: “According to WHO, one in 1,000 children in the world and 2-3 per thousand in Africa are affected by the crooked foot birth defect.

Although congenital hip dislocation happens less often, treatment of both diseases can be done without surgery if it is detected early.

“As a team of orthopedic surgeons, we organize trainings for health personnel on how to treat these disorders in Africa, where the number of doctors is very limited.

“We also try to reach patients as much as we can and treat child patients in the rural areas of two cities of Uganda. If not treated these diseases can cause permanent disabilities that is why we are dedicated to training local health personnel to bring permanent solutions.”